Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Rules and Full Disclosure

The FCC says I must disclose any payments made for endorsements in this blog. This blog is entirely my own opinion and I am not paid to provide it.  I come from the world of journalism and believe in the separation of reporting and opinion from advertising. I also take journalistic ethics seriously, although I know that many people are skeptical that those two words should appear together.  Therefore, I will not accept payment to "review" any item in this blog. Nor will I allow any manufacturer to give me any items to try out. I plan to buy any application I talk about myself, and only talk about technology I use or own. There may come a time in the future when I will need to temporarily borrow a device from a manufacturer to understand how boomers can use it. Alas, I'm not making any money on this blog so far, so borrowing may be the only way I can check out some applications that are device specific that might be good for boomers. I plan to fully disclose when that happens.

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