Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Farmville Taking all Your Time? How to Remove Facebook Apps

This is a familiar cry among my peers using Facebook: "I'm spending way too much time throwing pillows and playing Farmville! How do I remove an application from my list so I'm not tempted to play it again?" It seems like a silly thing, but some games are so addictive they consume you, especially if you are a perfectionist. You can spend a lot of time farming out there in Farmville.

So here's the quick and dirty about how to remove Facebook apps. Most of this information comes directly from another blogger at ROM Cartridge, who has written How to Use Facebook --The Complete Facebook Guide, a completely understandable "how too" book about the site. I recommend it.

Log into Facebook. Go to the gray bar at the bottom of the page, all the way in the left hand corner. Click on the part of the bar that says Applications. When you click, a popup page will show all your applications.

Click on the link that says Edit Applications. You'll then get a list of applications.

Clicking on the X next to the Farmville app will begin the removal process. You'll be asked if you want to remove it. Click Remove, and you are done.

So no more excuses, boomers. You know who you are! Take action now and remove those pesky applications from Facebook that eat up your time. Take back your productivity today!


Greg Katz said...

Have you ever tried farmville? I've never actually played it but I know it's very popular.

Esther Surden said...

Yes, it is very popular, and this post wasn't meant as a rant against Farmville. I'm sure it is a lot of fun. The post was just a way to let people know that they can remove applications from Facebook if they want to.

Barb Katz said...

OMG! Have you been reading my FB page this week? I just removed farmville yesterday, then couldn't figure out how I did it to go back and take out other time-wasters. Thank you Obi-Wan! Your timing was perfect so that I didn't waste even more time trying to figure it out! Keep on blogging! They are great!